Iberinox Recycling Plus, S.L. - das neue Joint Venture von Iberinox und ELG Haniel

Iberinox Recycling Plus, S.L. - das neue Joint Venture von Iberinox und ELG Haniel


In our press release dated February 23, 2018 we have informed you about the intended formation of a Joint Venture in Spain. In the meantime, we have obtained antitrust approval from European Commission.

We are now happy to announce, that on September 4, 2018 the transaction of the new Joint Venture between ELG/Figespa (30 %) and Iberinox (70 %) was finally closed in Madrid. Effective this day the Joint Venture named Iberinox Recycling Plus, S.L. commenced its business.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation that will strengthen ELG’s strategic development in our business.

For more information, please contact Vera Heinz, ELG Haniel GmbH +49 (0)203 4501-106.


About Iberinox 88, S.A.: Iberinox 88 is a leading industrial group in Spain specializing in the recycling and recovery of materials and products of stainless steel. For more information please see www.iberinox88.com

About ELG Haniel Group: ELG is a globally leading group in the trading, processing and recycling of raw materials mainly for the stainless steel industry. For more information please see www.elg.de

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